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Building With Climate House

Climate House offers a fully-managed build service to our clients to design and build an architectural, bespoke, high performance home.

We guide our clients through the process from inception to completion. Our flexible service structure allows clients full design freedom while our experienced team can offer guidance around achieving their brief within budget.

Climate House manages the entire project from design to final handover of the completed build. We use our experienced in house team and trusted contractors to complete your build.

Our service can also include support, recommendations and assessment of potential home sites. We help the client be aware of any potential hidden costs or benefits before making a land purchase. The client also has the opportunity to consider design options and land options simultaneously insuring the dreams and budgets are all aligned before starting the project.

Accurate pricing is developed through the design concept stage and as a client you have the option of adjusting the project at this point to accurately reflect your budget requirements.

We can offer a fixed price build contract, using QS services for a final costing; and a contract based on milestone payments through the project lifecycle to the completed home.

The Build pathway will include the following key stages:

Pre Design -Define Client requirements and project scope and budget

Concept & Preliminary Design -  Collaborate with Architects, Architectural Designers or in-house designers to produce building concepts & preliminary plans, costings and resource consents. Thermal Performance analysis is undertaken at this stage

Design Process

Developed & Detailed Design: Detailed Construction drawings produced.  Engineering Analysis is completed  Final Working drawings incorporating engineering are converted into 3-D SIPS panel plans and shop drawings.

Building materials and finishes are selected and finalised according to client budget and requirements

Building consents and construction contracts and a works programme are completed. Construction commences


Design Process

A simple design process to define your unique client requirements.



The starting point for any of our builds is understanding client requirements and nuances of your site.  All our homes are architecturally designed for aspect, views and styled with the client.

During this process we will help you define your key functional and aesthetic requirements for your home.  A site visit will identify specific design requirements for your site taking into account geography, orientation, climatic conditions, neighbouring development, aspect and infrastructure.  A client brief and full scope definition will also determine project budget.


Concept & Preliminary Design

During this stage we collaborate with Architects, Architectural Designers to produce building concepts & preliminary plans, costings and resource consents.

Thermal Performance analysis (PHPP - Passive House Planning package) is undertaken at this stage.  This models the energy performance of your home based on your specified design and joinery materials.  This analysis allows you to refine your joinery and finish selections.

 Project Pathway Design and Build vs Supply only




Build Process

Building with us.

Build Commencement

Building commences soon after building consents and contracts have been finalised.  As part of our commitment to you a dedicated team of knowledgeable builders are assigned to your build.  Regular updates between the project manager and Client ensure build progresses smoothly.   Building air-tightness and thermal performance is checked with Blower test and may extend to full passive house certification depending on client requirements.

Building Timescales

Building time-frames will vary based on the complexity of the design.    The modular nature of the build and 50% faster build time frame to weather-tight stage does mean our projects are normally 20% faster than a conventional build.

 Living in a High Performance Home

Every completed Climate House home comes with a 5 year guarantee on workmanship. All industry standard guarantees apply to a Climate House. Clients have the option of a 10 year Master Builder or Stamford House Insurance policy.



Better Value for Money.

Climate House has derived a way to provide buildings with exponential improvements in comfort and reduced costs without paying a price premium.

The most notable change with building a Climate House is where the money is spent. A total house build budget changes priorities from low cost framing, and windows with an overpowered expensive heating system to a Climate House system where more value is invested in the building envelope, incorporating a Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system with integrated hot water, a magic box so to speak that acts  as the heart and lungs of the house. The Climate House has far less labour and minimal heating infrastructure, so this capital is invested in superior window joinery, insulation air tightness and a low maintenance building. At Climate House we are aiming for a total build price parity for the finished build with existing quality group home offerings but with minimal ongoing energy costs.

Climate House Costs per M2 and quality


Getting Started

The future of building.

Are you in the process of considering your options for building your new home?

Climate house is committed to the exciting advancement of New Zealand Housing.

Working with the best in local design talent and international product specialists, we are embarking on a journey that will rewrite the standards and expectations of New Zealanders looking to build a new home. 

If you are interested in building an affordable, innovative, healthy, energy-efficient home - Please get in touch.  This is the future of building.

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