Our Team

Our Team

Introducing our small but able team who each contribute uniquely to making the office run; keeping our building sites safe and productive workplaces; and sourcing and project managing delivery of our builds to you


Working within the IT Security environment for 8 years Sarah formed a company that designed and supplied  security solutions to a number of top 500 companies in the UK.

The business was very successful and was on-sold within 2 years of formation to a multi million pound SAP organisation.  During this time Sarah studied and acquired her Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate.  On completion of the sales terms of the business Sarah ventured to NZ and gained a diploma in Interior Design.

Shocked by the inadequacies she observed in New Zealand Housing stock, Sarah and partner James began their building journey  - determined to build warmer, healthier homes for Queenstown's alpine environment.  Shortly after their first build they met Michael Sly. And so was born Climate House.


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Michael is a founder/director of Climate House NZ, NZSIP Smart Panels and Wilding Co.

A social entrepreneur and a man passionate about building smarter, better homes - Michael is our chief Climate House Ambassador.  

After 10 years surrounded by Wellington’s creative set in Cuba St, Sly moved home to Queenstown and while looking to build a house, came face to face with New Zealand’s building industry for the first time. “And I got a shock, seeing just how backwards it was. It felt like it lacked just so much potential regarding process and the end result.”  Sly didn’t want his family living the same way.After much research, he settled on structural insulated panels – dense, prefabricated panels that served both as the framing and insulation for a house-  Sly believed they could be the perfect answer for New Zealand housing but figured he needed to test them first, in one of the country’s harshest environments, and in his own house. And to really test them, he decided to build a “passive” house – one with no heating or cooling.His aim was broader than his own comfort, though. He wanted the technology to be as cheap as or even cheaper than normal timber-framed construction, for it to be usable in any house design, and to make the findings available to anyone – completely open source.


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With twelve years experience in construction, project and contract management including high end residential and commercial award winning builds in New Zealand and the UK, James is well versed in delivering a range of quality buildings to our Climate House clients.

 James' passion is delivering quality, warm and sustainable homes to his clients.  He believes in continually challenging the status quo and looking at new innovative methods to deliver better buildings.  


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Guy chose to spend five years working in London to pursue experience with low energy and environmentally sensitive projects.

During this time he worked for two architecture practices specializing in low energy new build and retrofit projects across a range of sectors.

He was registered as a Certified Passive House Designer in 2011 and achieved certification for a challenging new build residential Passive House project in 2012.

In Late 2012, Guy decided to bring his experience back to New Zealand and formed Energy Architecture NZ Ltd. His ambition is to use his extensive experience in energy efficiency to help solve long standing health and energy efficiency issues associated with housing.


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