Why Climate House

Energy Efficient, Warm and Healthy Homes.

Our goal is to reduce energy consumption of New Zealand homes by at least 75% - 90%, using building modelling & technology developed for low energy homes.

Our focus on superior climate specific builds has several key benefits, the first being a constant and even temperature throughout the home regardless of the different climatic seasons. Secondly a Climate House can also achieve up to 90% reduction in energy consumption, this dramatically reduces the ongoing cost of living for the home owner.

Climate House Energy Saving

We use an integrated approach to achieving energy efficiency that was developed in Europe and has 3 decades in use.

All our projects have the following difference when compared to standard NZ construction:

  • Reduced air leakage

  • Reduced thermal bridging

  • Increased insulation levels

  • High performance window/door joinery

  • Improved indoor air quality with Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) 

These differences lead to:

  • Improved health

  • Lower energy bills (when compared to traditional central heating systems)

  • Improved thermal comfort

  • Improved durability


Warm Health Homes.  Better Living.

While trying to come up with a three word definition for Passive House or even a low energy home, one quality of this building standard came up most: COMFORT.  A Low Energy House is really comfortable to live in.

British architect Elrond Burrell and his post Passivhaus; Comfort, Comfort, Comfort, Energy Efficiency  on his excellent blog tries to explain this.

“….energy efficiency is actually only part of passivhaus. People don’t often realize that the Passivhaus Standard is also a rigorous comfort standard that ensures a building is free from drafts, free from cold spots, free from excessive over heating and provided with a constant supply of fresh clean air. And it does so with the minimum amount of energy.”

This healthy indoor environment is revitalized 24hrs a day by low maintenance passive house heat recovery ventilation systems which draws fresh air throughout the home and keeps all the rooms fresh and a constant temperature. The system works by recycling the heat captured inside the building and transferring the heat to warm or cool the incoming fresh air. With very little heat loss there is little need for any heat source for the majority of the year.  A new standard in comfortable living: warm health home 24 hours a day 365 days a year; year-in, year-out.  

Building Technology

Climate House Building Technology Outperforms Building Code

Typical new construction to code minimum standards create homes with annual heating demands of 250-350 kWh/(m²/yr).  

 For an “A” grade Climate House  energy designed house we are hoping to deliver a home with an annual space heating demand below 50 kWh/(m²/yr).  An A+ grade Climate House meets Passive House institute Low energy building standard -  with annual space heating demand below 30 kWh/(m²/yr).  A Climate House Gold grade home meets the Passive House Institute Passive House standard - below 15 kWh/(m²/yr)

 We can offer projects to the following build standards

  • B:< 90 kwh/m²/yr

  • A: < 50 kwh/m²/yr 

  • A+: < 30 kwh/m²/yr

  • Gold: <15 kwh/m²/yr 

Climate House kwH Graph vs Code4







Long Term Affordability

Achieving price parity on our energy efficient building system compared with 140 mm framing alongside an RAB and additional insulation - was a key milestone for Climate House.

We realise for a number of reasons ranging from design aspirations to building budgets that very stringent energy goals cannot always be achieved, therefore Climate House give our clients energy options in regards to the financial investment and associated ongoing costs of living over the life of the building.

We believe that a low energy home is within reach of every New Zealander wishing to build their own home.  The only change in the costs is what we spend our money on.  The image below shows that Low energy homes costs in the same range as a standard home build.

 Climate house cost per m2 and quality3 

We can provide our clients with a home that consumes at least 75% less energy than a standard code compliant home for the same price per square meter.  Requiring minimal supplemental heat,  Climate House homes remain comfortable year-round.

With reduced energy use comes reduced operating costs; our homes cost up to 90% less to heat and cool. This dramatic monthly cost saving can go directly towards increasing mortgage repayments or savings and our clients goal of debt free living. 

Custom Designed

Our priority is delivering a home that is right for you - specific to your site and own living requirements.

Working with some of New Zealand’s leading architects and our own in-house design, build and project management team developing a Climate House modular construction system allows us to create fully custom homes to meet our clients individual and site specific needs. All our homes are architecturally designed for aspect, views and styled with the client. Whether you are after a Passive house certified home or simply a sustainable, well-designed low energy home we have the expertise to meet your range of requirements

We design buildings that suit the client’s individual tastes, needs and budget. We use the most technologically advanced modular building systems available to ensure superior, fast and cost effective builds. Our holistic designs create a higher standard of self sufficient, independent living and reduce ongoing operating and living costs to save our clients money on a daily basis.

 Modular rather than pre-fabricated homes means each building is a unique response to client requirement and site.  The process is more flexible than a rigid prefabricated model and allows for modification.  We also avoid expensive transportation costs of prefabricated units to site.



Fast Modular Builds

The quickest and most cost effective construction incorporates the use of modular pre-fabricated components. This is the future of Building.

Modular components make for fast construction.  To further improve our clients experience and provide even more value for money we use a proprietary pre-fabricated high-performance and cost-effective construction system that uses the latest technology structural insulated panel (SIP) walls and roof. The New Zealand made NZ Smart Panel modular construction system incorporates prefabricated components for fast, precise construction and improved quality and structural strength.

There is zero on site fabrication with the custom built, injection moulded Smart Panels—saving time and expensive material waste in construction.  The 115mm wide R4.5 Smart Panels have up to 75% better cumulative R values than a comparative sized timber frame wall with conventional fibreglass insulation.

compare your building options final 3

When Building with SMART panels We achieve the weathertight stage 50% faster. than a traditional timber framed construction.   A simple to use cam lock quickly pulls the Smart Panels together during the construction process making for an easy, fast install and a strong air tight bond between each panel.  Panels are pre-cut and moulded in the factory which means no on-site cutting, creating a safer workplace and minimal wastage.  A weather and air-tightness membrane is applied to the OSB sheet during manufacture to provide a finished exterior surface to the panel, removing the need for building wrap and saving further on the time and cost.  An average building is weather-tight in weeks not months.

Bracing tests under high wind and seismic conditions have shown NZ SIPS Smartpanels to significantly outperform Standard 90mm external wall timber framed with standard GIB or braceline.

Click on the video below to see how NZ SIP Smartpanels are manufactured:







Innovative Building Systems

We are unique in being able to offer our clients an end-to-end complete building solution.

In addition to the modular SIPS panels our Innovative Building Systems utilise the latest international building technology to future-proof your home.  

Our Smart walls have 75% better insulation  than a standard stick frame build.  Our Smart Roof offers maximum insulation without loss of internal conditioned living space.  Smart Floor can turn a low cost concrete slab or pile foundation into a super insulated sub-floor solution. 

Fully insulated foundations, combined with triple-glazed, air tight German windows and mechanical heat recovery ventilation for which we hold exclusive distribution rights, mean our homes are up to 95% more energy efficient than a standard build.  Combined these Building systems make for a fast to  build structurally superior low energy home. The considerable labour content saved by bringing prefabricated elements to the building site frees up capital historically assigned to long hours of labour required for old stick build systems to invest into superior building and interior finishing materials.

Exclusive supply of thermally finished European Interior and exterior wood cladding delivers a cost effective, zero maintenance architectural finish

This unique speed of construction mixed with superior building materials supplied directly from international suppliers, offers our clients a home with far more valuable ‘finished product’ therefore considerably more opportunity for return on investment

The outcome: a comfortable home with far less daily or hourly effort to maintain a comfortable living space for your family.